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New research is discovered constantly supplying new methods for treating and understanding this mental disorder a bit better. Causes of Schizophrenia According to the National Health Choices schizophrenia is caused by a combination of genetic, physical, environmental and psychological factors that contribute with developing schizophrenia.

This is due to talking about how the individuals became schizophrenic. One conclusive cause of schizophrenia is the early life situation. The age of onset for men with this disorder is earlier than that of women.

The psychodynamic approach suggests that most schizophrenics experienced very strict childhood environments, often having careless and unsupportive parents.

Scientists and psychologists believe that there must be a recurring factor in the conception, pregnancy, or birth of the child in order for them to be a schizophrenic at an early age. The breakdown between perception and memory is another peculiarity of schizophrenics.

In fact, the disorder tends to "run" in families, but only among blood relatives. However, this symptom is also quite hard to see. They do not make or keep friends. This fact argues that the disease can be explained not only in terms of dopamine function, but also involves other neurotransmitters.

Not only is it hard to treat, but there are also many different levels of extremity of the illness when it comes to each child. According to psycho central there are around 1 in people suffer an episode of schizophrenia, which usually appears in people in their late teenagers or during their twenties.

However, genes are not the only developers of schizophrenia. However, to many victims, they end up effectively dealing with the illness in their entire lives Pearce,p.

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One possible cause of schizophrenia may be heredity, or genetics. As people with schizophrenia have difficulties with concentration, attention and motivation Jones, C.

Many believe that schizophrenia is likely caused by a complex combination of genetic and environmental factors. With the lapse of time, mankind made progressive steps in getting the treatment methods and classifying the mental anomalies, taking into considerations to their symptoms and signs.

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It works best to ease positive symptoms, however antipsychotic medications does not work very well to ease negative symptoms Patient.Outline and compare some of the different explanations for the cause of Schizophrenia. Include discussion of the nature of the evidence for each explanation considered.

The exact cause of schizophrenia is still unknown and scientists are certain that schizophrenia has more than one cause/5(5). Causes and Treatments of Schizophrenia Essay that are homeless have a disease called schizophrenia or they have manic depressive disorder.

Schizophrenia is a long term mental disorder that breaks down the connection between thought, emotion, and behavior. Another conclusive cause for schizophrenia is the genetic situation.

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This case offers the fact that schizophrenia runs in the family. If schizophrenia did not run in the family, there would be a one percent chance of anybody obtaining this mental disorder.

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Schizophrenia is one of multifaceted illnesses. So far, the professionals have not been capable to tell an actual cause of this disease.

However, some events may cause the. - The emergence of Schizophrenia can be attributed to many individual factors including biological causes, such as heredity and genetics, sociopsychological influences, like social class, and social factors, namely stressful life events.

Schizophrenia Stigmas, Causes and Brain Activity Differences Essay Words | 8 Pages. Schizophrenia Stigmas, Causes and Brain Activity Differences Contrary to popular belief, Schizophrenia is not a mental health disorder but a psychotic based disorder, in which those affected often experience psychosis.

Essays on the cause of schizophrenia
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